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About Warner Allen

Homeless to Hopeful

Warner is a life-long resident and civic entrepreneur of Northern Kentucky.  Born in Covington, he spent the first five years of his life in his family-owned town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.  Raised alongside his older brother and twin sister by a single mom, Warner learned the value of education, hard work, spirituality and perseverance at an early age.  He and his family lived in and out of homeless shelters (and orphanages) throughout his youth and even on West Covington's riverbanks, all while working small jobs and doing landscape work throughout the region to help his mother keep bills and make rent.  Warner was working by age 7 washing dishes in restaurants, landscaping yards and even selling his and his siblings' homemade drawings door-to-door for 25-cents to buy food and basic needs.

He lived through rough times having grown up in a poor, traumatic, unstable home and losing his parents by age 15.  Yet still, he graduated at the top of his high school class and was blessed to be selected as the only Kentuckian to play soccer in Europe for the United States shortly after the loss of his mother.  Warner's academic abilities and leadership prowess earned him several degrees and nationwide accolades.  He put himself through college earning a Bachelor's degree from EKU with emphasis in psychology before successfully pursuing his Master's of Public Administration (MPA) degree and Certifications in Nonprofit Management and Geographical Information Systems Technology from NKU.  He furthered his professional studies at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) in philanthropy.

Beating the Odds

Through a tenacious attitude committed to beating the odds and with great mentorships, Warner embraced a successful career tenure that shuffled him around the world where he served in numerous public relations, marketing, nonprofit, governmental and strategic affairs capacities.   His experience and services led him to be the eyes and ears of numerous national and international CEO's, U.S. governors and working along the likes of famed celebrities.  He has raised several million dollars for non-profit and spiritual causes ranging from education to homelessness, holistic social services, youth and community initiatives. 

Warner has spent nearly 25 years in his profession and serves as founding principal at Niche Public Relations, a boutique strategic consultancy where he helps clients in public, private and nonprofit arenas. Warner has vast hands-on experience, knowledge and understanding of business and regional needs, having served as a member of his region's Vision2015 Urban Renaissance Action Team & strategic plan, a Cincinnati Business Courier Top Forty Under 40 leaders, past Legacy member for Young Professionals, Chamber of Commerce Board of Advisers, Who's Who and is also bestowed the honor as a Kentucky Colonel.

Warner was called into ministry in 2016 after 20 years of pushing the calling aside.  Today, he serves his faith community at Branches Church in Loveland, OH.  A church-planting community, Branches seeks to plant 5 churches by 2029.  Warner serves on the teaching team where he helps write sermons and plan Sunday services and much more.  He was also called to work in ministry full-time with BLOC Ministries in Cincinnati, a 22-year non-profit movement that offers 27 programs and services to the impoverished including job training, boys/girls homes, women's & jail ministries, substance abuse & mental health counseling, afterschool intervention and prevention programs, sports performance training, sex social enterprise businesses and visual & performing arts programs.

Sharing His Story

Despite Warner's education, civic and career successes, his past life would later catch up to him leading him on a path ripe with many struggles, illnesses and battles that would plague him later in life.  Through healing miracles and the power of his spiritual growth in Jesus Christ, he now shares his story so others would see God's grace and purpose fullfilled in his own life - and that their voice, their story can be heard too.    This is the foundation of his book, The Loudest Voice Never Heard.

Warner has been a guest lecturer at Universities and a presenter/speaker at faith-based organizations and churches, businesses and non-profits across the country. He can make himself (and his wife, Jen) available to share their stories of trials, tragedies and triumphs.

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