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About "The Loudest Voice Never heard"


The Story

Behind every story is a child of God screaming to be heard.  Each of us in life has undergone some sort of major, life-altering; even near death event, that impacted us for eternity.  And not being "heard" can be a source of many of our ailments and struggles in later life.  

By age 15, Warner experienced extremes from domestic violence and other abuses,  alcoholic parents, supernatural forces, generational addictions, homelessness and family-related suicides - including his mother's just 20 feet from where he was sleeping.  All of these afflictions abundant in his youth, only to lead him to a purpose he never expected.

Through this book, it is hopeful that anyone who reads it, hears of it or sees a speaking engagement - will be inspired to speak up, share their story and be heard.  This is Warner's story.


The Book

Compiled by writings and interviews since 2010, The Loudest Voice Never Heard is the true story of a boy's childhood traumas, lessons and survival which led to an adult life challenged by his past, his future successes, PTSD, generational addictions, fear and dire straits - until he discovered why.  This book is not recommended for persons under age 15.

  • Learn the strength and restorative power of dealing with childhood trauma that can either devastate or elevate your adult life
  • Cleanse and free yourself, and laugh in the face of the enemy and adversity.  See your life challenges through a lens of humor and laughter, tears and forgiveness.


The Purpose

Like many young people of dysfunctional and alcohol-addicted homes, Warner was exposed to multitudes of catastrophic life events that no child should ever live through, much less be able to survive.  Later in life, he questioned the significance and reasons for the harm he suffered in his youth and its impact on his adult life, his relationships and fears.  

Warner's purpose is moving into full throttle today but it required him since 2016 to "Break Down", "Break Through" and "Break Out" calling him into ministry.  This personal process revealed God's grace and mercy to Warner proving that with Christ, everything is possible and all things can work together for good.

We are all barabbas, we are loved, we are forgiven

Warner's faith has grown exponentially since 2016 during the last two  and most difficult years of his life. He had come to grips that regardless of his past, his troubles, his regrets, his angers, his sadness, his illnesses and all of his mistakes, that God had brought him through it all to carry out the purpose he learned when he was 15. In a matter of a few months, Warner was also miraculously healed of two life-threatening matters affecting his heart and other organs. This is a true story.

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As a reminder, please note the book, The Loudest Voice Never Heard is not recommended for persons under age 18 upon completion.  However all ages are encouraged to join the discussion and attend Warner's speaking engagements.

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