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828 Background


Warner and Jen Allen met in 2006 during his election event.  They reconnected in 2009 after a series of life-changing events.  Since then, they have strengthened their marriage through Christ and embarked on "endeavors" they hope will impact lives.  Warner is from Covington & Rabbit Hash, KY and Jen is from Cleveland, OH.  Unknown to them at the time, they were joined together with tragic histories that changed their lives for future greatness and a bigger purpose.  Their roots are in bible scripture, Romans 8:28.

Faith & Purpose


Centered on a spiritual connection to God through Christ, 828 strives to exemplify our works and influence others through unwavering faith, shared prosperity and unlimited joy.  Warner learned of his purpose at age 15 only to realize it 25 years later.  Jen has consistently lived her purpose grounded in her spiritual life and daily devotion.  Both have survived catastrophic, life-altering events - a basis for their endeavors.



828 seeks to engage and impact lives in our broader society through action-oriented initiatives that enlighten the spiritual faith in each of us.  To do so, we must engage our divine purpose in life through loving action.  Endeavors include Niche Public Relations, a boutique consulting business; "Futures", not-yet-public patent-pending inventions that will impact the medical realm; and the book of their life story - The Loudest Voice Never Heard.



verb: enlighten; 3rd person present: enlightens; past tense: enlightened; past participle: enlightened;
gerund or present participle: enlightening

  • give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation. synonyms: inform, tell, make aware, open someone's eyes, notify, illuminate, apprise, brief, update, bring up to date;
  • give (someone) spiritual knowledge or insight. synonyms: inform, tell, make aware, open someone's eyes, notify, illuminate, apprise, brief, update, bring up to date;
  • archaic - shed light on (an object). 

Our Endeavors

828 Endeavors

828 Endeavors seeks to enlighten our present to impact our future through spiritually-centered "endeavors" that positively impact God's purpose in our life.  These initiatives are accessible here and in the address bar above. 

Warner's and Jen's personal and professional life experiences have given them perspectives and a knowledge base  leading them to pursue purpose-driven endeavors that they hope and pray will touch and change lives - and also impact society.  

Whether through a book, a boutique consultancy or medical advancements, they want to reveal how God can turn out successes in the lives of others in their present purpose for their future prosperity through consulting services, faith and religion young living oils

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The Loudest Voice Never Heard

From birth through age 15, Warner lived a childhood of great tragedy and uncertainty.  Living in a home of alcoholics, abandonment, domestic violence and other abuses, and extreme poverty, he was thrust into homelessness, orphanages and numerous family suicide attempts. After the death of his parents in his youth, he survived these and other life-threatening events only to face them head-on in adulthood.  Jen was devastated with similar circumstances and by age 12 with the murder-attempt on her mother by her father, leaving her paralyzed for the rest of her life.  This is their story of survival, battles, tragedies and triumphs.

This book has been in development since 2010 and is not advised for anyone under age 18.

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Niche Public Relations

With 20 years of professional experience around the world as a public relations practitioner, Warner earned a bachelor of arts degree early on through one of the top 23 programs in the United States and one of only five certified in the world.  With media relations, corporate strategy, crisis communications, government affairs and marketing communications experience extending beyond the United States to Canada and the Americas, Japan and Hong Kong, Warner worked with some of the top CEOs around the world in addition to numerous governors and famed celebrities.  His unique skill set and experience lends his services to organizations as a consultant and strategist.  His consultancy is tertiary with three core principles: "innovation", "strategy", and "prosperity".

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During a 2015 hospital visit, a specific event took place in the Allen family that lunged Warner and Jen into a mode of "problem-solving".  As a result, they are in development of a patent-pending, life-altering solution that can forever change certain aspects of pediatric (and senior) care.  For legal reasons, details are not yet made public. Stay apprised of updates and progress on this big advancement in medical innovation.

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Founded in 2005, this biographical web page was originally intended and used twice for Warner's attempts at public office.  Though he and his wife remain thoroughly engaged in politics and policy, he has decided since the birth of their son to stay out of political office.  This site is intended for biographical information, resources and other investments as deemed contingent for business and personal use.

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